HNMobile Bookmarklet

Lim Chee Aun built a great app to view HackerNews on mobile devices. But sometimes you find a link to HN on some blog and there where no easy way to open that page in HNMobile until now :) Meet HNMobile Bookmarklet. This bookmarklet opens current HN page in HNMobile.

The Bookemarklet:

Read with HNMobile

Installing on iOS devices:

  1. Create a new bookmark: Tap the "share" button and choose "Add Bookmark".

  2. Copy the javascript code below.

  3. Edit the new bookmark (to turn it into a bookmarklet): Open your bookmarks, scroll to the one you've just created, tap the "Edit" button and select it. Delete the URL contents and paste the code (which you copied in Step 2). Hit "Done" when finished.

Bookmarklet code